Chicago Liturgy began in 2011 as a project of the PCA’s Chicago Metro Presbytery.  We needed a way to share our original artwork and musical compositions with each other easily for use in our worship services.  As the tool developed, we realized that sharing resources could be much more broad than just the five of us.  So we raised money and built this site - which is user-driven and completely searchable.  We hope to encourage leaders in the church to create and share resources for congregational worship that are theologically grounded and historically connected.

We believe the Church is well-served when her worship reflects the Gospel of Christ through Word and Sacrament. We believe we are shaped as worshipers in the active participation of the reading, hearing, and singing of God’s word, and in regular observance of the sacraments.  And we know that beautiful and redemptive art is being created all over the world.  Share yours with us. Learn more about our membership options and sign up today.

Below are the websites of the churches with which our development team is associated: