What does membership offer?

With a free subscription, you can browse and search the entire Chicago Liturgy database and you can download most of the resources on the site for your own use.  With a $50/year paid subscription, you can additionally upload your own original worship resources to share with all Chicago Liturgy users.  And some resources (Sunday School curriculum, artwork, drama) are only available for download with the paid subscription.

Why do I have to pay to upload my resources?

No one associated with Chicago Liturgy yields a paycheck.  The costs associated with hosting a growing database, administering the addition of resources, and promoting the site are paid for by members and outside givers.  Your membership fee helps us to reach creative churches everywhere, allowing artists to publish their material at chicagoliturgy.com and expand the worship experiences of all our members.

Why “Chicago” Liturgy?

Chicago Liturgy began in 2011 as a project of the PCA’s Chicago Metro Presbytery.  We needed a way to share our original artwork and musical compositions with each other easily for use in our worship services.  As the tool developed, we realized that sharing resources could be much more broad than just the five of us.  So we raised money and built this site - which is user-driven and completely searchable.  We hope to encourage leaders in the church to create and share resources for congregational worship that are theologically grounded and historically connected.

Who reviews my submissions?

The Chicago Liturgy administration team is presently made up of pastors and worship directors from these churches inside the Chicago Metro Presbytery:


How am I compensated for my music?

Chicago Liturgy does not sell resources or pay members for their submissions. However, all users are encouraged to register with CCLI and to report their use of your worship music.  We encourage submitting artists to register their music with CCLI so you can be properly credited and paid through that clearinghouse.  You may also link the resources you submit to your website or online store, where your music can be purchased.

If anyone can publish resources on Chicago Liturgy, how do I know that the resources I download will be helpful to me?

We realize that artistic preferences vary widely from person to person and congregation to congregation.  However, a good measure of something that is “helpful” is something you have tried successfully several times in public worship.  So we encourage members to upload only things that meet that criterion. 

Beyond that, the worship directors and pastors involved in the administration team give each resource in the database an initial rating.  This rating is based on:

  1. The beauty of the resource.
  2. The scriptural basis of the resource
  3. The quality of the resource (does it include an audio file?  a lead sheet?  a chord chart?)
  4. The appropriateness of the resource to public worship (does it fit a particular liturgy station, church season or scripture passage well?). 
  5. The ease of use of the resource (can a small church with only a few musicians use this?)

Search results are returned based on this initial administrative rating. 

As the site develops, we plan to add user ratings to the database so that everyone can give their feedback about whether or not they found a resource to be helpful.

Will Chicago Liturgy make money from my submissions?


Do my doctrinal convictions affect my participation in Chicago Liturgy?

We are excited to include resources from all Christian denominations and traditions.

I have a suggestion about the site.

Great!  Please contact us.

When my submissions are approved for the database, will they be free resources or only available with a paid subscription?

In most cases, they will be free.  If we would like to save your resource for the paid subscription, we will ask your permission.  A main benefit of the paid subscription is the ability to publish and share your own original work with other churches.  Members who are adding work to the database, therefore, help to maintain the operation of the site by paying a subscription fee. Members who are only downloading resources for their own use will not be required to pay a fee.